“Mystic Eyes” by Nijesh Mohan  , Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas Sometimes the eyes can say more than the mouth… Follow


  Sculpture/Installation by Maïmouna Guerresi The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety. Felix Mendelssohn Follow

Nadia Huggins’ Underwater Narratives

“Circa no future” by Nadia Huggins (Indian Bay, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines) “In History, stagnant waters, whether they be stagnant waters of custom or those of despotism, harbour no life; life is dependent on…

September: From Once You Came

“Facing History” by Alex Mackenzie I always wished that there was some sort of establishment that catered to my family’s history. A building where I would have complete access whenever I wanted  and the ability…

Love…..done well

“Love” by Maria Mann “It is good to love many things, for therein lies true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”…

Culture Narratives

Black Rage

Black Rage

” Untitled”, Carrie Mae Weems, 1990. Silver gelatin print. CAN YOU FIND THE NARRATIVE?   SOCIAL NARRATIVES–FOLLOW: @thepurplelife and LIKE: ThePurpleLifeCommunity Follow

Isabelle Wenzel’s Body Narratives


An Open Letter: the Art of Pharrell

Dear Pharrell,   Man you got some intense layers. Your…

Dig Deep: Cut from the same Cloth

“Cut From The Same Cloth” by GARFIELD MORGAN Fabrics…cloths are…

Women & Narratives

CONNECTING: Imagination, Music and Freedom with Estela Cuadro

CONNECTING: Imagination, Music and Freedom with Estela Cuadro

Estela Cuadro is an artist from Agentina who’s mixed media creations are not only intriguing to look at but, encourages the viewer to…

[She-Rose]: Joanie`s narratives of Nature, Heritage and Self Love

I had the pleasure of meeting this local artist at…

Jamea Richmond’s Stories of Rebirth

Jamea Richmond’s  Ink and Charcoal pieces are the most accurate…

Art-Gasm: Of Royal Lineage

 “OF ROYAL LINEAGE” by Tamara Natalie Madden Are you able…