An Open Letter: the Art of Pharrell


Dear Pharrell,


Man you got some intense layers. Your ability to transform and move and create in spaces that are unconventional …..excites me. YOU ARE AN INSANE C  R  E  A  T  I  V  E.

Let me address your musical spirituality: your ability to see sounds in colour, read vibrations with  your feelings and get down with your bad self.  All the more reason of why I LOVE YOU!

You use words like “little left of center” and “A  L  I  E  N” and “method to the madness” which evokes in me a tribal unity with your soul. So,  we must be cut from the same cloth. Actually we  all are: we all are interconnected. We are Other ( in your words)…right??!!!

Speaking of being Other; you are definitely “Other” by  speaking up for women’s rights and having an unique understanding of the power of Woman.

Your S  T  Y  L  E. I can go on forever about your style but, let me say this; keep doing what you do. Your individuality shows that it’s not about what a guy should wear or what’s popular, you show the importance of finding one’s own narrative and exercising  self-expression. Hello…the hat says it all.  (P.S. I love Dame V West too!! )

Now, let’s talk about your interview with Oprah; I loved it! And when you  cried..I cried.  It was so refreshing to hear you express your truth. I respect your ability to show that you’re not perfect and that you are aware of all the people who’ve played a part in your success.

You quoted:

“You should not find confidence outside your mirror”

When you mentioned that you found freedom in realizing that  trying to be a “Jay-Z” and a “P. Diddy” would always make you second, hit a chord with me.  It re-birthed in me a confirmation that I  need to constantly evaluate self and ensure that my truth is really MY TRUTH and not a carbon copy of someone else.

You also quoted:

“The answer was sleeping in the question all along”

Tell me about it! This past year was my moment of realizing that the answers were right there in front of me. And that the universe is here to assist me not fight against me ( and I know you are a big believer of that).

And this quote left a strong impression:

“There was more braggadocio than  purpose and attention”

Amen. My new daily reminder to myself is to stop talking and focus on what I need to get done. I came to realized that there is a difference between talking to say what I plan on doing and talking to actual manifest what I want to happen.

In conclusions, I just have to say, there’s so much wisdom that lives in you; I say, WRITE A BOOK but, until then, I , of course, will always be your faithful F  A  N…forever..forever, ever…forever, ever ( in my OutKast voice).



N  A  M  A  S  T  E , 


Joanna (filled with) Joy


*Image via HighSnobiety

Art-gasm: She

she kirsty warman the purple life

“She” by Kirsty Warman. Acrylic

 Last night I had a dream that I was fighting with myself.  I think  it’s a sign that I need to investigate (especially since my “Rebirth” day is coming up)  who is “She”: Joanna Joy?


What resonates in your when you look at this painting? 

April 14, 2014

Weekend Project: Solitude

joanna collage rebirth 1 the purple life

I am realizing how important my mind needs the opportunity to be silent. And how badly my soul needs it too.

I have discovered that,

There is SOUL-ace in Solitude

Solace is finding comfort in solitude but, SOUL-ace is finding divine connection with oneself in solitude.  I feel that it is time for me to devote larger periods of time to solitude.  I need to start saying no to my “to do” list and start saying yes to me finding rest in my presence.

I’ve been so busy these past couple of  months that I don’t remember the last time I sat and let my thoughts flow into my mind.  I don’t remember the time I let creativity move me instead of forcing myself to be move and create.

After devoting extra time this week to solitude, I was able to discover that I was carrying a burden of guilt but, I was too busy running around to realize it.  My daughter experienced a situation where she was “bullied” and I felt that I could have done more for her. Stifling the guilt made a blockage; I couldn’t create and I couldn’t function. Also, I was unconsciously thinking of negative thoughts of me as a parent and as an individual. Imagine…I was able to realize all of this through my solitude!  

For this week’s WEEKEND PROJECT, I encourage you to be inspired by your soul. Find moments to be by yourself and within yourself; your thoughts. Let your creative energy guide you!


Have a great Weekend,



My Style Narrative

Top, Pants (I distressed it myself) and Bunny ears  from Forever 21

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Jamea Richmond’s Stories of Rebirth

power as in actualization jamea richmond the purple life

“Power, as in Actualization” Ink, Charcoal and mixed media collage on board

Jamea Richmond’s  Ink and Charcoal pieces are the most accurate visual interpretation of the word REBIRTH. The titles of each piece are just as crucial as the art themselves and assists in linking everything together.

power, as in actualization jamea richmond the purple life 2

“Power, as in Actualization” Ink, Charcoal and mixed media collage on board (close up)

“Sacrifices for Sacrifices” Ink, and charcoal on board

jamea richmond if you look closely you will see God the purple life

“If You Look Closely, You Will See God” Ink, Charcoal and Mixed Media Collage on board

jamea richmond if you look closely you will see God the purple life 2

“If You Look Closely, You Will See God” Ink, Charcoal and Mixed Media Collage on board (Close Up)

the cost of making her rise jamea richmond the purple life

“Cost of Making Her Rise” Ink, and charcoal on board

These pieces are currently on exhibit at DC Art Centre.


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The Art of Female

I have the pleasure of knowing one of the females in this video ( who is part of the group called Deuce N Dip ) and when she  posted this video up on her FB, I had to share it with the rest of you.  This video is the perfect union of movement in body and movement in thought; Anna Lieberman’s poetry called “Female”.

Seeing these women perform this poetry with such passion REBIRTHed in me a new appreciation in the art of being female. While dancing in unison and in solitude, at parts, they illustrate the idea that even when we aren’t physically together, we are still connected.  And when our forces are joined together, great things will happen!

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Common Thread

common thread the purple life cindy steiler

“Common Thread” by Cindy Steiler

There is an invisible thread that connects us all together. Just be cautious that these threads, that are usually more visible in our close relationships, continues to teach and connect us and not hinder us from growth.

April 7, 2014

Victorian Style Narratives

When I was younger (and still to this day),  I had a deep appreciation for the Victorian Era. I, of course, was immediately connected to the costumes that were shown in movies and described in books. And I also admire the way love was expressed and the art of feminine mannerisms and protocol  however, I thought it would be impossible to be African descent, dress in that way and live in that time …but, I was wrong. I wanted to share with you these great images  that I was able to access from Collar City Brownstone via AfroPunk. These photos rebirth  a love for this period and it lets my inner child know…yes, it was possible.

black victoria the purple life 1

black victoria the purple life 2


black victoria the purple life 3


black victoria the purple life 4


the rebirth of love board the purple life

Happy Friday!

Here’s an inspiration board called THE REBIRTH OF LOVE for this week’s Weekend Project: write, draw, paint, sew ….create something that shows inspiration from the board above ( or make your own inspiration board). 

For the last couple of months, the idea of  love has been rebirthed in me.  I’ve been so inspired by the idea of LOVE….not being in love with someone …or watching romantic movies…just an organic understanding of Love and its transforming power.  I decided to use hands as my symbolic image of LOVE. I find that the hand is a great representation of love flowing from one being to another. The hand can be used for healing, creating and supporting.  And the hand shows connection and unity.

I hope my board inspires a rebirth of love in your life and inspires you to create this weekend!

*** I have been playing this song (below) so much this week. It was the trigger that inspired the idea for the board (I also used stills from the video within my board). She’s such a great artist. Check out the video below.


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Art-GASM: Welcome

welcome Laura Giorgi the purple life

“Welcome” by  Laura Giorgi 

What could this figure be welcoming?

If this figure was you, what would you be welcoming into your life?

April 2, 2014

APRIL: The Art of Rebirth

warrick fuller, meta  the purple life ethiopian awakening

“Ethiopian Awakening” by Meta Warrick Fuller

Lately I feel as though I am on this path of rebirth. This path of wanting more than what I’ve been allowing myself to have. In other words, allowing my true self to be brought to the foreground and not getting lost in the illusions of “You should do this” or “why are you doing that”.  This month`s theme will be about the ART of REBIRTH and what happens within this process; what ideas, concepts or masterpieces are birthed.

Rebirth means “the rebirth of the soul, renewed existence, activity or growth”.

You can also think of it as renewed passion or renewed love in self. When I think of the word rebirth, I think of the birthing process; intercourse to fertilization to development (or the 3 trimesters) to delivery.
Within the intercourse stage, sperm hustle and travel to the egg trying to be the main one who makes it “in”.  Same with the concept of the “idea”, there will be one idea that resonates so much in your heart that any other ideas you hear will not work for you.

The Fertilization stage, is all about preparation and implantation. The egg will not get fertilized if it is not ready (if it is not the right time of the month). If no sperm is around to fertilize the egg, it moves through the uterus and disintegrates. If we do not lay the proper ground work or I should say, go through the necessary steps or paths that will help prepare us, the idea will not have the opportunity to grow.

Next is the Development stage, I think we all go through different versions of development during this stage however,  it is the stage where we grow with this idea, and the idea, starts to change us.  Just as a woman’s body changes throughout each trimester, our emotional and mental anatomy changes as the idea grows inside of us.

Next is the Delivery Stage, the actual birthing of the idea: the physical evidence that it produced. This can be an easy process for some or very difficult for others. Some people try to fight this process because they are scared of the pain or struggle that they might have to endure but, once the idea is delivered, given birth to, it can be a life changing event.

There’s also many other ways to view the idea of Rebirth, NATURE; butterflies, for example, and plants  functions with a new birth mentality. There`s also the idea of DIVINITY. During the Renaissance period, which stands for Rebirth, many artists created lavish paintings that illustrated the anatomy of the body and of the church.

CONSCIOUSNESS is another example of rebirth, actually the perfect example of a birthing of an idea. Within the Harlem Renaissance, ideas of race consciousness, heritage and community took physical shape. It gave black artists the freedom to depict themselves through their own eyes such as Meta Warrick Fuller’s sculpture Ethiopian’s Awakening (pictured above); it is a sculpture of a woman wearing an Egyptian headdress, and the rest of the figure, which implies a mummy coming back to life, shows the connection to Egyptian lineage and an emerging of a new society; awakening of a new consciousness.

Art is the perfect example of rebirth. It has been the visual statement that illustrates new philosophies, movements and  events that have come and gone. It has shown us, through paintings, photography and textiles, what beautiful things are conjured up during someone’s rebirth or a society’s rebirth. I hope this month’s theme will inspire you to finally give birth to a new idea/project  or give you the courage to go through the delivery stage.

Happy Rebirth!


*All posts relating to Rebirth can be access  here.


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Velicia Waymer’s fashion layers

vee draw fashion illustrations the purple life 1


I discovered Velicia Waymer‘s illustrations via Tumblr. Of course after seeing one image, I had to research and find out more about this amazing graphic designer turn fashion illustrator ( as well as find all her social media outlets lol).   Her style is out-of-this world. Enjoy!

March 28, 2014

Inspiration Board: Accumulation of Layers II

accumulation of layers inspirational board collages 2


New inspiration board for this week’s WEEKEND PROJECT. Remember to feel free to create your own board and try to use this month’s theme, ACCUMULATION OF LAYERS, as inspiration.